Highland Electrofusion Processors And Tools

The Highland range of Electrofusion Tooling is designed to ensure the correct preparation and alignment of pipes into electrofusion fittings prior to fusion. They will prepare and hold HDPE, MDPE, PP, PPR, PPR-CT pipe and fittings. 

Highland 630 V2

The Highland Model 630 V2 electrofusion welding processor has been designed to be the most intuitive universal EF processor in the marketplace. It is designed to be operator friendly with a simplified interface incorporating a numeric/yes/no keypad, a wireless barcode scanner and laminated instructions mounted to the lid interior. The strong waterproof case provides protection against physical damage, while the retractable pull handle and wheels allow for easy portability. Along with physical reliability, the processor is designed to be operationally dependable. The processor is available in two power supply options (120V or 240V) to work with almost any power supply globally. It has an operating temperature range between -40oF and 122oF. This allows it to be used in all seasons and all regions.

Highland Model 180

The Highland Model 180 series of electrofusion welding processors have been designed specifically for service pipe installations where portability is important, while still keeping strength and reliability in mind. These processors are designed to fuse HDPE, MDPE, PP, PPR and PPR-CT fittings up to eight-inch IPS/DIPS or 200mm. Each unit has full traceability with data logging capabilities that can be downloaded to a USB or memory stick. The processors are built to IP65 specs, CE approved, and fully comply with the ISO International Standard for electrofusion welding equipment. Each unit is standardly equipped with a barcode scanner and leads that have dual size welding tips for both 4.7mm and 4.0mm product, which means... NO MORE ADAPTERS!

Highland Model 180 Bag Version
This version is in a strong waterproof and dustproof metal case, housed in a tough nylon bag.
Highland Model 180 Frame Version
This version is in a strong waterproof and dustproof metal case, housed in a stainless-steel frame.
Highland Model 180 Combo Unit
This version is in a strong waterproof and dustproof metal case, built into a generator.

Highland Scraper

The first key step to a high-quality joint is the cleaning and scraping of pipe ends prior to insertion into the fitting. The Highland Scraper is designed for use on 2" diameter to 12" diameter DR 11 pipes. It is semi-automatic, clamping onto the end of the pipe and rotating around while peeling a continuous ribbon 0.008" thick from the pipe's outer surface. This quick and easy to use tool ensures the optimum preparation is made to the pipe OD

Highland Variclamp

The second key step to a high-quality joint is clamping the pipes to avoid movement during the fusion process. Any movement or misalignment can result in a poor or failing joint. The Highland Variclamp has been designed to hold and align pipe from 1/2" to 2" IPS/CTS/MM or in any combination, helping the pipes' alignment and preventing movement during the fusion. This clamp has rotatable profiles having up to five different sizes on them that allow quick selection of the pipe diameter for both couplers and reducers. It also bends to 45 or 90 degrees to allow elbows to be held.

Highland Multiclamp

The Highland Multiclamp has been designed to hold, align, and reround pipe from 3" to 12" IPS/MM (4"-10" DIPS). This tool has removable inserts that line the clamp to the correct diameter. Larger diameter pipes are often oval due to storage conditions or being provided as coils. This tool has hard solid shells that reround the pipe allowing easier insertion into couplers and fittings. The holding rings of the tool rotate to allow 45 or 90 degree elbows to be held.

Highland Straight Clamp

The Highland Straight Clamp has been designed to restrain and pressure load pipe from 1" to 4" (32MM - 110MM) on the outlet fitting. The main pipe size can be up to 24" OD (630MM). This tool is a compact, lightweight alternative to many other style electrofusion clamps in the market place today. The straight clamp can be used for installing both tapping tees and brand saddles onto main pipes.

Highland Strap Saddle Clamp

The Highland Strap Saddle Clamp has been designed to be used as a restraining and pressure loading clamp for electrofusion welding. It is designed for holding saddles onto main pipes. This tool has been designed to hold saddles with different sizes of outlets. This tool is compact and lightweight, designed to be the ultimate multi-tool.

Highland Electrofusion Jig

The Highland Electrofusion Jig is the brain child of Director of Equipment Sales, Mike Montgomery. When gearing up for a project that required multiple couplings, he realized we needed a new kind of tool to get the job done right. Thus, the Electrofusion Jig was born. This tool is a mechanical push/pull jig that assists in perfectly placing couplings over pipe.