Industrial Markets

Listed below are examples of industrial applications for ISCO's piping products.

Petrochemical, Refining and LNG

HDPE is now the piping material of choice for underground firewater systems in more than 90 percent of all new industrial construction. HDPE is also the modern piping material of choice for raw water, secondary cooling lines, potable water, storm water drainage, and chemical sewers and outfalls. In addition, with the advent of "modeling" for underground piping systems, the ISCO shop spooling system has become a proven application for major EPC companies on refinery, petrochemical and LNG projects worldwide.


Paper and pulp mills require a lot of water and HDPE is the perfect choice for moving water and slurry lines. Let ISCO show you how you can reduce pumping costs by using HDPE. No corrosion or tuberculation means you can use a Hazen Williams C Factor of 150-155 for determining flow now and in the future. Thermoplastic piping also means no cathodic protection or maintenance in the future.

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