Landfills are dynamic environments, in a constant state of change. Successful landfill management requires the skill and technology of experts in the business.

Whether you are looking for experts on gas extraction, leachate or landfill recirculation, there are many advantages to using ISCO for your landfill pipe, material and services needs:

  • Large inventory of landfill pipe, pipe fittings and fusion machines
  • Quality and expedient custom HDPE fabrication
  • CAD drawings for quality assurance on submittals
  • Field technicians for fusion services
  • Knowledgeable salespeople

ISCO proudly distributes products from these vendors, here are a few listed:

Landfills in the news:

CCR – Dewatering and Landfill Applications



Landfills are active environments. Through natural processes of rainfall, condensation, and decomposition, landfills themselves produce a liquid waste stream, called leachate. Often the leachate contains hazardous materials, so properly managing a landfill requires handling the waste.

ISCO offers products and services to help manage leachate including HDPE landfill pipe, perforated and slotted pipe as well as custom fabricated fittings.

Gas Extraction

Gas Extraction

Landfill gas is formed as a natural by-product of waste decomposition in landfills. Gas collection and extraction has the potential to recover the energy value of the gas and also reduce the pollution effects from the gas.

ISCO has several solutions available for gas extraction and collection including landfill pipe, perforated pipe and custom fabricated fittings.

Landfill Brochure

Learn about all of ISCO's Landfill products from the Landfill brochure.