ISCO has been a world leader in custom HDPE fabrication for many years. A combination of skilled, tenured and dedicated fabricators, and a reinvestment program in machinery and equipment give us capabilities that cannot be replicated.

Perforating and slotting capabilities are completely automated. Our HDPE sheet stock welder enables us to make tanks of various diameters. Over the years we have added many machines, such as a tee/wye machine, specialty saws and a pipe "ovaling" machine to name a few, that only increase our efficiency and offerings to you, the customer.

Listed below are some custom fabrication examples of our HDPE structures:

  • Manholes
  • Tanks
  • Sump Liners
  • Spool Pieces
  • Fittings
  • Floats
  • Side Slope Risers
  • Perforated Pipe
  • Slotted Pipe
  • Snap-Tite®
  • Flanged Elbows
  • Manifolds
  • Geothermal Circuit Maker Vault®