Nephi UT

ISCO Industries Provides Timely Service for Utah Irrigation Canal
(Nephi, Utah) 

nephi ut​Nephi Irrigation Company needed to in­stall a large-diameter canal in the west area of Nephi, Utah because there was too much water infiltration in the exist­ing ditch. Piping the canal with the new large-diameter pipe would minimize the amount of evaporation and water loss into the ground.

The Springville, UT-based VanCon Con­struction, the contractor chosen for the project, contacted ISCO Industries' rep­resentatives Bob Kilpack, Rydell Johnson and Jeff Draper to supply the project with 2,400 feet of 48-inch large-diameter high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and re­lated pipe fittings. Fittings included flange adaptors, back up rings, bolt kits, and fabri­cated elbows.

The Problem

Initially the project completion time frame was eight months; however, VanCon re­ceived word that the canal needed to be completed within one month of the project start date in April. The irrigation company wanted to run water into the canal sooner than expected.

The ISCO Solution

VanCon consulted with ISCO Industries to see if the fittings could be completed in less than one month from the order date, and delivered to the job site on time. The ISCO Industries fabrication shop was able to complete the order and produce three 48-inch elbows ahead of schedule.

In addition, ISCO Field Technician Kevin Smith installed a 12-inch and 16-inch outlet for the customer with a stretch McElroy #618 fusion machine, saving VanCon from having to use reducing tees.

Due to the prompt service from ISCO Industries, the irrigation company was able to run water in the canal two days earlier than expected. If ISCO Industries had not delivered the fittings on time, that part of the project would have been pushed from April to October, delaying other project components.