Related Products

From molded HDPE to custom fabricated HDPE to mechanical fittings, ISCO has the all of the products needed for your project.  ISCO manufactures many of the fittings they offer from building their own "Tees," "Wyes" and "Elbows," just to name a few. ISCO only sells quality couplings and related products.

In situations requiring HDPE connections to other materials, there are many mechanical "couplings" available, some of which also connect HDPE to HDPE pipe. Care must be taken in selecting mechanical couplings that work well with HDPE pipe in each application.  Pipe size, pressure, temperature, and type of mating material influence the mechanical fitting selection. Also, the requirements of a buried system are different from those of above ground piping systems.

For a more extensive list of the related products and custom fabrication ISCO offers, please visit our Product Catalog.