Sample Specifications

The following documents are PDF files. Simply click on a spec to download it.

Municipal - Potable Water/Sewer Pipe

Standard Sample Specification for HDPE pipe and Fitting Materials, Fusion Joining, and Installation
Comprehensive Sample Specification for HDPE Pipe and Fitting Materials, Fusion Joining, and Installation

Factory Mutual

FM Sample Specification - HDPE Pipe, Fittings, and Fusion for Firewater Service


HDPE Pipe Golf and Turf Irrigation Spec


Knockout Tank Specification
Leachate Collection Specification


HDPE Manhole Spec

Dual Containment

Specification for ISCO HDPE Dual Containment Pipe

ISCO Industries, Inc. has carefully checked the accuracy and standards used in the preparation of these sample specifications, it does not guarantee or warranty piping installations. Sample specifications are to be used as a guide to assist engineers and owners of piping systems. Sample specifications do not cover all situations or applications. These specifications are not intended to provide installation training or instructions. Since every job is different, a trained professional engineer should be used to determine the needs of a particular job.