Aggregate and Mining

HDPE piping and pump solutions for reliable performance, efficiency, and sustainability

ISCO is a trusted resource for reliable piping and pump solutions in the mining and aggregate industries.

As a trusted and experienced resource for mining and aggregate piping and pump solutions, ISCO is your go-to partner for reliable, durable, and efficient HDPE piping systems. Our industry expertise and comprehensive range of HDPE piping and GIW® pumps provide long-term value for customers. Our environmentally-friendly and corrosion-free HDPE piping products are designed to withstand tough conditions, making them ideal for dewatering, tailings management, and other fluid handling applications.

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Industry experience

Highly experienced and trusted by mine operators in meeting their needs for HDPE piping and GIW pumps for mining and aggregate applications.


Product advantages

Custom-designed centrifugal and submersible, split-case and vertical turbine pumps. Abrasion/chemical resistant. Fusion services, equipment, fittings and ancillary items from a single source.

Training and service

At ISCO, our value goes beyond products. We provide fusion training, fabrication, and project management services that form a complete solution for your campus.

Why ISCO for aggregate pipe and mining services and solutions?


Custom fabrication

Leak-free solutions


Lowered operating costs


Long-term pipe integrity


Corrosion resistant materials


Reduced carbon footprint

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GIW Pumps: Small pumps that handle big jobs

ISCO's offerings of the GIW® brand provides custom-engineered pump solutions for the mining industry, including slurry pumps that can handle the harshest pumping conditions. With maximum reliability, high efficiency, and low maintenance, GIW pumps are the best option for tackling heavy-duty applications and handling slurries with abrasive and corrosive contents.

LCC-M (Metal Series)

Pumps in the LCC-M series are designed to process slurries containing a wide range of particle sizes, as well as slurries with high-discharge head.

LCC-R (Rubber Series)

Pumps in the LCC-R series are most suited to slurries with fine particle sizes, corrosive contents, and slurries with moderate discharge head.

LCC-H (Heavy Duty Series)

Pumps in the LCC-H series are the toughest, most rugged members of the LCC family.

K+S Potash Mine

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Building a Legacy: ISCO’s HDPE Piping Solutions for KSPC’s Bethune Potash Mine

Material Specification Sheets

Gasite® 18G

Gasite® 28G



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