Data Centers

Thermoplastic piping systems for data center cooling efficiency and sustainability

ISCO is a leading distributor of thermoplastic piping systems for sustainable and energy efficient data center infrastructure.

As a leading thermoplastics piping solution provider, we are dedicated to assisting data center organizations in designing and constructing sustainable infrastructure. We understand the critical importance of implementing a reliable cooling system within data centers to ensure optimal performance while mitigating potential risks.

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Industry experience

ISCO has years of experience and expertise designing for and installing thermoplastic pipes in many applications including data centers, district energy, geothermal, oil & gas, mining, and chilled water distribution.


Product advantages

Our high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyethylene of raised temperature (PE-RT) and Aquatherm piping to reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs and improve campus infrastructure.

Training and service

At ISCO, our value goes beyond the piping products we sell. We provide fusion training, custom fabrication, spooling, project management, and piping services that form a complete solution for your campus.

Why thermoplastic piping systems?


Easy installation

Leak-free solutions


Lowered operating costs


Long-term pipe integrity


Corrosion resistant materials


Reduced carbon footprint

Data Center Piping Products & Services

As one of the most versatile and sustainable types of plastic pipe on the market, HDPE is corrosion-, chemical- and UV-resistant, free from leaks and recyclable.

PE-RT is a high-temperature, pressurized pipe with exceptional temperature resistance, flexibility, corrosion resistance, durability, lightweight, and environmental sustainability.

A long-lasting option for chilled water, heating and cooling, compressed air and industrial piping, Aquatherm can be used above ground to avoid digging or disrupting land, trees and foliage.

Rent, buy used, or buy new. Whatever the project, whatever the need, ISCO has the HDPE fusion equipment, expertise, and training to deliver the right solution.

In-house, expert fabrication and spooling for your unique design needs. Our team offers customized solutions with precision and efficiency at our facilities across the U.S.

Sustainable Piping Projects

At ISCO, we are committed to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices. As a reliable provider of eco-friendly products, we offer Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and LEED v4 rating to ensure our customers can make informed, sustainable choices.

Aquatherm Q Scale

Protecting Supercomputers with Aquatherm Pipe

When dealing with high levels of data processing, a reliable cooling system is critical. Groupe Noel worked with ISCO to secure Aquatherm polypropylene piping that was installed quickly and kept the building clean. ISCO provided training to technicians to ensure the project’s success in constructing a datacenter.


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