McElroy Tritan™ 560 Fusion Machine

The future of fusion.

The Tritan™ 560 fusion machine is the latest release from manufacturer, McElroy. The new equipment combines features of three of McElroy’s most innovative fusion machines: the rugged portability of the TracStar® iSeries, pipe loading capabilities of the Talon™ 2000, and the ability to meet the pipe where it lays, found in the Acrobat™ QuikFit® carriages. With a full 360-degree rotation and boom that raises, extends, and curls the carriage to approach and load pipe, the Tritan enhances jobsite efficiency and improves workplace safety—eliminating the need to top-load pipe into the fusion machine.

Meets the pipe where it lays

The Tritan™ 560 assists in positioning the pipe just where you need it, allowing for more flexibility and increased performance and productivity. Tritan offers the same rugged, dual rubber tracks found on McElroy TracStar® machines, and offers all-terrain mobility for traveling across a variety of terrains. It can be driven directly to and from the pipe itself, and minimizes the amount of time spent between fusions while also letting the machine work in tight areas.

360-Degree Swing

Position, load and fuse 12-inch to 22-inch HDPE pipe with ease. The Tritan 560’s full 360-degree swing lets operators fuse in front of the unit or parallel to the tracks on either side of the machine. An updated track motor allows the Tritan to achieve a top speed of 2.75 mph in high-speed mode, boosting mobility on jobsites and further decreasing time spent between fusions.

Innovative carriage

The Tritan 560 offers a bottom-loading carriage, eliminating the need to lift pipe overhead and into the machine for standard fusions. Load pipe quickly and safely in a number of configurations. The boom arms are raise, extend and curl the carriage over a range of motion—giving operators the ability to precisely adjust the carriage without having to move the vehicle itself.

The Tritan also offers a removable carriage that operates in a 2+2 or 3+1 configuration, in both a top-loading or bottom-loading setup.

Vehicle and fusion control

Wirelessly control all functions of the Tritan 560 with the McElroy DataLogger. No second remote is needed — all controls have been integrated with machine functions, allowing a single operator to control all parts of the pipe loading and fusion process.

No wireless signals allowed? No problem. The Tritan connects the DataLogger via a tether when necessary, allowing for operation in environments where wireless signals are restricted or unavailable.