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Quality and reliability you can count on. And, the support to go with it.

ISCO has the nation’s largest and newest fleet of HDPE fusion equipment, tooling, and accessories, for the lowest hassle, and most capital-efficient way to deliver your pipeline project. With our national presence, we can deliver fast, backed by full resources of our support team.

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Popular Fusion Machines, Equipment and Tool Rentals

McElroy DataLogger® Record, document, deliver, and analyze fusion process

TracStar®900i Fusion Machine
12" IPS (340mm) to 36" OD (900mm)

TracStar® 618

TracStar® 618 Fusion Machine
6" IPS (160MM) to 18" OD (450mm)

TracStar®630i Fusion Machine

TracStar®630Fusion Machine
8" IPS (225MM) to 24" OD (630MM)

TracStar® 412

TracStar® 412 Fusion Machine
4" IPS to 12" DIPS (110 mm to 340mm)

Talon™ 2000 Fusion Machine
54" OD (1400mm) to 78" OD (2000mm)

Electrofusion Processors
1/2" to 12" Coupling and 2" to 12" Tap Tee 

Manual Fusion Machines
1/2" CTS to 6" DIPS (16mm to 180mm)

Saddle Fusion
4" Branch Saddles and Tapping Tees onto all Main Sizes

Squeeze Off Tools
Manual and Hydraulic for 1/2" up to 16"

Pipe Handling
PolyHorse®, Pipe Rollers, Line Tamers

Acrobat™ Fusion Machine
 2" IPS (63mm) to 10" DIPS (282mm)

Rent the Newest and Best-Maintained Fusion Machines in the Industry

Count on ISCO for top-notch fusion rental equipment. Through McElroy's Certified Rental Program, we ensure our equipment is always in peak condition with regular upgrades and maintenance.

Contact us about renting versus owning HDPE fusion and construction equipment.

McElroy Fusion Machines, Equipment and Tools for Rent

Large Diameter Fusion Machine

Large Diameter Fusion Machines

Fuse HDPE pipe 8" IPS up to 65" OD with one of our McElroy-certified, large-diameter fusion machines. 

Medium Diameter Fusion Machine

Medium Diameter Fusion Machines

Choose from a range of medium-diameter fusion machines, capable of fusing 6" IPS up to  20" OD pipe sizes.

Small Diameter Fusion Machines

Compact, lightweight, highly reliable small-diameter fusion machines for 1/3" CTS up to  8" DIPS pipe sizes.

DataLogger Accessory

Fusion Tools and Accessories

Variety of fusion machine tools and accessories for quality assurance, safety and efficiency in the joining of pipe.

Manual Fusion Machines

Socket and Saddle Fusion Machines

Electrofusion Machines

Acrobat™ Fusion Machines for Confined Spaces

Rolling Fusion Machines

TracStar® Track Fusion Machines

TracStar® iSeries Fusion Machines

Acrobat™ Fusion Machines for Confined Spaces

Small and Large Generators

McElroy DataLogger®

Pipe Handling: PolyHorse®, Pipe Rollers, LineTamer's®

Testing Tools

Hot Air Guns

Squeeze Off Tools