Gas Distribution Downloads

Easily access and download ISCO's Gas Distribution operator manuals, product information sheets, and more.  Also, check out a couple of our how-to videos on gas distribution service line installation and prepping 1-inch HDPE pipe.

Manuals and Instructions

MTD Electrofusion System: Training and Installation Manual

MTD PolyPeel - Operator's Manual

MTD PolyPeel TRI 1984 8-16 Pipe Scraper - Operator Manual

MTD Rotary Peeler – Operator’s Manual

MTD MultiClamp - 1.25" - 4" Elbows, Tees, Couplings - Operators Manual

MTD MultiClamp 4”-8” Elbows, Tees, Couplings – Operator’s Manual

MTD-MultiClamp 6" - 16" Elbows, Tees, Couplings - Operators Manual

MTD TriFusion TRI1982 2" - 6" Pipe Scraper

Higland Vortex Electrofusion Processor - Operators Manual

AutoFuse, BatteryFuse & MiniMAXX Electrofusion Processors - Operators Manual

Fitting Instruction Insert

Brochures, Flyers and Cutsheets

Supercell Electrofusion Processor Brochure

Highland SuperCell Electrofusion Processor

Weld Tees ANSI 150

Weld Fittings ANSI 150

Trifusion System

POLYFLOW Full Port Polyethylene Ball Valves

Tapping Tee Cutters

Tapping Tee Accessories

Steel Fabrication

Standard Tapping Tee

Spherical Weld Tees ANSI 150

Spherical Weld Tees ANSI 300

Purge & Equalization Fitting

Pre-tested Repair Components


PE Fabrication

MTD Rotary Peelers

Electrofusion (EF) Tees

MTD PolyPeel

miniMaxx Electrofusion Processor

High-volume Tapping Tee Tools

HiSeal ANSI 300 Ball Valves

Highland Vortex Electrofusion Processor

Electrofusion (EF) Branch Saddles

Highland 6" - 12" Multiclamp

Highland Straight Clamps - IPS

Highland Straight Clamps - DIPS

Battery Fuse Processor

High-volume Tapping Tee

Full Encirclement Fittings & Tees 150 & 300 ANSI

Electrofusion (EF) Reducers

Carbon Steel Strainers

Electrofusion (EF) Endcaps

Electrofusion (EF) Elbows

Electrofusion (EF) Couplings