HDPE Fittings for Gas Applications

With industry-leading HDPE fitting selection, quality and availability, ISCO’s MTD system delivers.

ISCO’s MTD system offers a variety of molded HDPE fittings to get the job done in gas distribution. Our HDPE gas pipe fittings, seamlessly molded to reduce potential leak points, are made from virgin PPI-Listed PE4710/PE100 resin, designed and tested to meet or exceed ASTM F1055, ASTM F2897, ASTM D2513 and ASTM D3350 standards. All products go through our rigorous, ISO 9001 certified quality management system.


Offered in sizes from ½-inch CTS to 16-inch IPS, our MTD electrofusion coupling product was the first molded HDPE fitting MTD developed, representing the foundation of the system. Available in single and double coils for workflow and installation flexibility.

elbow fittings


MTD electrofusion elbows come in 1-inch CTS through 16-inch IPS size configurations, as well as electrofusion and butt fusion variants. In addition to 45- and 90-degree configurations, we were the first to introduce a 22.5-degree molded electrofusion elbow to the gas market.


Our concentric and single-coil electrofusion reducers range from ¾-inch IPS x ½-inch CTS to 12-inch IPS x 8-inch IPS. These reducers are compatible with all electrofusion processors and cross-function compatible.

reducer fittings
tapping tree fittings

Tapping Tees

Our MTD tapping tees are available in main sizes from 2-inch to 16-inch IPS with outlet sizes ranging from ½-inch CTS to 1-inch IPS. All tapping tees are equipped with a truly integrated mechanism for consistent clamping. High-volume tapping tees are available with either a 1¼-inch IPS or 2-inch IPS outlet. All high-volume tapping tees are equipped with a larger cutter design that allows for outlet flow to be completely shut off after tapping.

Three-Way Tees

MTD three-way tees are available in 3/4-inch to 16-inch IPS size configurations, as well as electrofusion or butt fusion variants, size-on-size, or reduced branch to meet your needs.

three way trees fittings
branch saddle fittings

Branch Saddles

Featuring a truly integrated clamping mechanism, MTD electrofusion branch saddles are available in main sizes from 3- to 12-inch IPS with outlet sizes ranging from 2- to 8-inch IPS. MTD is the only brand to offer 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch size-on-size branch saddles.


We offer MTD endcaps in sizes ranging from 1-inch CTS to 8-inch IPS. Each endcap is designed to be as compact as possible to allow for easy installation in tight spaces.

endcap fittings


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