HDPE Butt Fusion Fittings

Molded and fabricated HDPE fittings manufactured in the U.S.

At ISCO, we manufacture molded and fabricated HDPE fittings for use in a variety of applications.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) butt fusion fittings are specialized components used in joining HDPE pipes together through the butt fusion welding process. Butt fusion is a widely used method for connecting HDPE pipes, especially in applications where a leak-proof and durable joint is required.

All of our HDPE fittings—elbows, tees, reducing tees, and end caps are manufactured in the U.S. and tested in accordance with ASTM F2206 – “Standard Specification for Fabricated Fittings of Butt-Fused Polyethylene Plastic Pipe.” ASTM F2206 places very specific requirements on fabricated fittings in two areas –the type of HDPE pipe, fittings and plate or sheet stock used in the manufacturing of pressure-rated fabricated fittings; and the testing required for qualifying fabricated fittings.

ISCO fittings are manufactured in various sizes and configurations to suit different piping requirements and project specifications. They play a crucial role in creating a reliable, long-lasting, and leak-free HDPE piping system for a wide range of applications, including water supply, drainage systems, gas distribution and industrial processes.

Some common types of HDPE butt fusion fittings include:

Butt Fusion Elbows

Allow for changes in direction in the piping system. 45- and 90-degree butt fusion, fabricated and molded elbows for HDPE pipe.

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Butt Fusion Tees

Molded and fabricated tees for HDPE pipe, used to create branches or connections in the pipeline.

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Butt Fusion Reducers

Concentric and eccentric reducers for HDPE pipe

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Butt Fusion Wyes

Lateral and cleanout wyes molded and fabricated to specifications

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Butt Fusion End Caps

Used to cap off the end of a HDPE pipe or fitting, providing a sealed termination point. Designed to spec for HDPE pipe and easy installation.

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Butt Fusion Branch Saddles

Molded butt fusion branch saddles for HDPE pipe

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