HDPE Reducers

HDPE Butt Fusion Reducers

HDPE butt fusion reducers for HDPE pipes.

  • Sizes: 1x1/2 to 54"x48"
  • Eccentric reducer available as fully pressure rated in DR 7 through 32.5
  • Material: PE4710 HDPE in accordance with applicable labeld standards
  • Standards: ASTM F2206, ASTM D3261, ASTM F2620
  • Applications: District Energy, Oil and gas, EPC, Irrigation, Water, Industrial, Power, Landfill, Municipal, Geothermal, Marine, Mining, Municipal


ISCO HDPE reducers are used in HDPE piping systems to transition between pipes of different diameters. They are designed to facilitate the connection of pipes with different sizes while maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the piping system.

1.     Material: HDPE reducers are made from high-density polyethylene. This material offers excellent durability, chemical resistance, and flexibility, making it suitable for various applications.

2.     Butt Fusion Jointing: HDPE reducers are joined to HDPE pipes using the butt fusion welding technique. This involves heating the ends of the pipes and the reducer to their melting point and then pressing them together to form a strong, leak-proof bond.

3.     Size Transition: HDPE reducers are used to transition between pipes of different diameters. They can either decrease the pipe size (concentric reducer) or increase the pipe size (eccentric reducer) depending on the requirements of the piping system.

4.     Longevity: HDPE reducers from ISCO have a long service life and require minimal maintenance compared to metallic reducers, contributing to lower lifecycle costs for the piping system.

Overall, HDPE reducers play a crucial role in HDPE piping systems by allowing for the seamless connection of pipes with different diameters while ensuring efficient and reliable fluid conveyance.