Large Diameter HDPE Pipe

Super-sized piping solutions for high-volume flow.

Built for big jobs

ISCO Large Diameter Pipe: Engineered to perform

Eliminate water loss and drastically lower operational costs with a long-term, leak-free large diameter HDPE piping system—supported by an entire team of industry experienced experts.

Learn why more applications are using larger diameter pipes:

  • Efficient water distribution, sewage systems, and energy transmission
  • Environmental sustainability and infrastructure resilience
  • Reliable and cost-effective for a range of industrial applications
  • Large diameter HDPE pipes up to 136"
  • Designed for high-volume flow applications and pressurized ratings
  • HDPE fittings and structures such as manholes, tanks and vaults
  • High resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, and UV radiation
  • Fast and efficient installation methods both on- and offshore
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Industry experts

ISCO, is the expert on large diameter HDPE pipe with extensive experience and fusion equipment to install large systems for a range of applications including irrigation, industrial, waste/storm water, irrigation, municipal, landfill, and more.


Project-ready performance

Large diameter HDPE pipe and fittings are ideal for various applications and cost-effective. Pressurized, durable pipes, resistant to corrosion and flexible enough to support installation methods such as horizontal directional drilling.

Training and service

Custom fusion training, fabrication and project management services for a comprehensive pipe project solution. Our highly skilled team of design professionals will work with you to develop innovative solutions for any size pipeline project.

A Revolution in Large Diameter Pipe

Fuse large diameter pipe with McElroy's Talon™ 2000.

ISCO is the only industry partner with two of McElroy's biggest machines to date. Growing demand to replace aging infrastructures and increase capacity for a variety of today's applications, we understand the need to "Think BIG."

From its innovative jaw design, to self-loading and self-propelled controls, touch screen interface, and data logging features, the Talon is revolutionizing large-diameter pipe fusion.

Our Work

Needs of the new McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in Victoria, British Columbia presented an opportunity that led to the construction of the largest solid wall HDPE outfall in North America. 1.2 miles long and primarily constructed of 2250 mm DR26 HDPE pipe.

Baker Farming uprooted 20% of almond trees due to lack of adequate access to water For decades, the farm’s irrigation was fed by a 48-inch steel pipe in the ground. Baker Farm replaced the pipeline with a more reliable, longer-lasting, leak-free system--HDPE Large Diameter Pipe.

Change is upon the CCR industry and ISCO is there to provide a solution to bring utilities into compliance with the new (EPA) regulations. ISCO teamed up with Fisher Contracting and AECOM on a CCR project to decontaminate coal ash slurry water and transport the clean, treated water from the CCR landfill through HDPE large diameter pipe.

Large Diameter Pipe Applications

Irrigation & Hydroelectric Penstocks

Water and energy are critical to our economic health and food production. Irrigation districts, small hydro producers and municipalities use large diameter HDPE pipe for massive water and energy transfer projects due to it's environmentally sound solution over metal or concrete piping.

Storm Water Conveyance & Retention

Large diameter HDPE storm water conveyance pipes provide cost-effective, corrosion resistant and long-term service to end-users. HDPE pipes and fittings can be custom fabricated and less expensive than cement based products. ISCO specializes in designing storm water conveyance systems with large diameter pipe that provide low maintenance and operational costs.

HDPE pipe Wastewater

Water and Wastewater

Large diameter HDPE pipe has more than proven its value in wastewater related projects due to its resistance to H2S corrosion, leak-free joints and cost effectiveness. ISCO is unique in its position as the leading distributor for high-quality manufacturers, allowing us to advise and assist our customers on the best products to meet their needs.

Industrial Piping Systems

Made of high-density polyethylene, our Large Diameter HDPE Pipelines are durable, chemical and corrosion resistant. They’re ideal for industrial applications—requiring no cathodic protection, internal linings or external wraps, and ensuring a long-lasting pipeline with little to no maintenance.

Manholes, Tanks & Structures

ISCO's tank and structure design, combined with the benefits of HDPE, has been successful in many different applications.

Our HDPE manhole products are custom-built to meet specific site and project requirements as well as provide a long service life. Our versatile design philosophy and in-house fabrication capability allows us to offer virtually limitless design options for manholes, tanks, geothermal vaults, and other structures.

Culvert and Culvert Relining

No-Dig Solutions

Culverts across North America are corroding at an alarming rate. Many, on the verge of collapse, creating dangerous conditions. Departments of Transportation (DOT) and other agencies responsible for the country’s roads turn to ISCO's Snap-Tite® Large Diameter Lining System to repair and replace deteriorating culverts. Our Snap-Tite product is a cost-effective, no-dig solution with field-tested benefits.

Snap-Tite Culvert Relining


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