Jason Martin

Safety Coordinator

Meet ISCO’s Jason Martin. Born in Greenock, Scotland Jason spent much of his childhood moving around due to his father’s Navy career. His family spent a total of five years in Scotland before living on military bases in Florida, South Carolina, and Connecticut. He joined the Marines two years after high school in 2006. While in the Marines, he was stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA. He deployed to Iraq in 2008 with the 1 Marine Expeditionary Force. After his tour in Iraq, he spent the remainder of his service stationed in Iwakuni, Japan as a hazardous materials certifier. He left the Marines in 2010 and moved to Dallas, Texas, where he attended school at Cedar Valley College to obtain his associates degree in Occupational Safety and Health. After Cedar Valley College, he then went to trade school at Lincoln Tech and received a Degree in Welding Technology.

Jason came to ISCO through the acquisition of MT Deason where he worked as the Fabrication Foreman. During the initial stages of the two companies learning about each other and blending the cultures, we realized that Jason would make a great addition to our safety team. He is now the Safety Coordinator at our Dallas facility, where he is working to establish strong safety practices that include training and education. With workplace safety training classes, he enjoys having the opportunity to influence all types of people from front- line workers to management, using problem-solving skills obtained during his time in the Military.


I love how ISCO’s core values align with the Marine Corps leadership Traits and Core Values. To name a few, Respect of others, Trust, Decisiveness, and Commitment. ISCO provides a work environment where one can continuously learn and develop. Taking initiative and bearing responsibility are qualities ISCO looks for in its workforce.

How did your military experience help you excel at ISCO or in your role?

At ISCO, I am a safety coordinator. Given my military background, moving into workplace safety field was a natural step for me. Leadership, loyalty, teamwork, and strong communications are some qualities and characteristics gained from my time in the Marines. These qualities and characteristics help me excel at keeping people protected by analyzing and controlling on the job risks and hazards.

What advice do you have to offer to those considering joining ISCO?

Once you have witnessed what people and teams can achieve with trust, and you’ve been part of an organization that puts self-interest aside and focuses on achieving an objective, it stays with you. ISCO provides long-term opportunities and fosters a culture focused on awareness, open communication, and safe-working methods. At ISCO, employees are not a number but people who can make a difference.