Stuart Lyle

Stuart Lyle

Regional Sales Manager

Meet ISCO’s Stuart Lyle. While Stuart now resides in Colorado, he is originally from Athens, Georgia, where he grew up in a rural, farming community. Stuart entered the Marine Corps in 1995 and quickly excelled in this environment. He was initially attached to combat infantry and field artillery units before heading for more advanced training. In the following years, he graduated from specialized schools such as Scout Sniper, Marine Reconnaissance, Specialty Insertion & Extraction (SPIE) Rigging, and Facility Protection. He was the youngest Marine meritoriously promoted to the rank of Sergeant within his battalion. After exiting the Marines, Stuart worked for a renewable energy company installing geothermal ground source heat exchange systems. ISCO was a long-time customer while Stuart was in the position of Senior Project Manager. After seeing ISCO’s culture, core values, and growth opportunities, Stuart took the leap to ISCO and hasn’t looked back.


I began to see similarities between skills I learned as a Marine and my role at ISCO. Each day presented a chance to go do some “reconnaissance” (if you will) to find new “targets” to educate about the products and services I could offer to make their jobs easier. I viewed each customer interaction as not only chance to help someone else, but also as an opportunity to help myself. I’ve always looked at those who say that they enjoy going to work with a bit of skepticism but ISCO has afforded me the chance to say it for myself.

How did your military experience help you excel at ISCO or in your role?

After my promotion to the rank of Sergeant at a very young age, I realized that others believed in me. I continue to walk proudly, with my head held high; knowing I have what it takes to be the best I can be. I see this mindset at ISCO as well. I work hard each day, and others see that and believe in me. They trust me to do my job well, and continue to offer opportunities that will assist me in continuing my upward trajectory.

What advice do you have to offer to those considering joining ISCO?

Those of us with military experience likely have a different perspective on life based on what we have been through. There were many re-directs in my life, paths that didn’t lead where I expected, but everything I’ve been through landed me at ISCO and I’m thankful for that. Know that anything you are working through due to your military history, you don’t have to do it alone. You are not just a number here. It truly is a family.