Vincent Wehmeyer

Vincent Wehmeyer

Quality Inspector

Meet ISCO’s Vincent “Vinny” Wehmeyer (Pronounced WE-my-er; yes, you got it!) Vinny was born in Middletown, NJ, and raised in a small town called St. Mary’s, WV. His dad was in the Army, which was his first insight into military life. Vinny experienced the 9/11 terrorist attacks while sitting in the classroom as a junior in high school. Based on this, Vinny knew he wanted to make a difference. He was taking a welding class and had some friends who planning to join the Navy. Vinny followed suit. After exiting the military, Vinny worked as a traveling Union Metal Welder until he and his wife married. He knew he needed to make a career adjustment that was more family-friendly. This is what led him to ISCO and our Martinsburg, WV plant, where he has now established roots with his wife, son and daughter.


I have always enjoyed creating, building, and trying something new. Therefore, when I saw an advertisement for a fabricator position, I felt that would fit with my interests.

How did your military experience help you excel at ISCO or in your role?

The military teaches you to do your job to the best of your ability because others depend on you. Being a welder in the Navy taught me blueprint reading, problem solving, accountability, and the importance of teamwork. Everyone did his or her part to complete what was expected. I joined ISCO as a fabricator and after about six years, I was able to advance to Quality Inspector. I very much enjoy my role and being counted on each day. Every day provides new questions and problem solving to ensure we will have a satisfied customer at the end of the day.

What advice do you have to offer to those considering joining ISCO?

My advice is to apply and be opened minded, working with this [piping] product is a whole new world. You will have many questions and there will be a teammate right there to help you through your career.