HDPE: extreme durability, leak-free performance and virtually zero maintenance in landfill piping.

With its 100-year design life, leak-proof joints, ease of installation and excellent abrasion and chemical resistance qualities, HDPE pipe is an ideal, maintenance-free solution for collecting and transporting leachate, landfill gas, stormwater and other derivatives produced in landfills.

Few providers can match our HDPE product selection and years of experience doing landfill work. ISCO’s landfill industry experts bring a keen understanding of how to apply HDPE across all facets of system design and deliver peak system performance over the long term.

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Piping Products and Solutions for Landfills

HDPE Pipe, Fittings and Valves

Industry-leading product breadth for exactly the right solution.

Custom Fabrication and Spooling

HDPE fabrication and spooling expertise to save time and money in installation.

Fusion Equipment Rental and Sales

In-stock fusion equipment selection and training—rent or buy, new or used.

Featured HDPE Landfill Piping Products

NEW: Molded Outlet Reducing Tee

Suitable for various end markets and applications, the new molded outlet-reducing tee design lowers the chances of failures, simplifies installation, and reduces maintenance complexity.

  • Manufactured and tested to ASTM Standard D3261-16
  • Proven performance, superior strength, and reliability
  • Sizes ranging from 12" to 24"

Fast Flange

Designed for landfill applications, ISCO’s Fast Flange delivers an efficient and cost-effective solution for routine maintenance of landfill pipe systems.

  • One person to operable
  • Designed for on-site retro fitting
  • Seals for compliance and reduces hardware loss
  • Quick convenient access to internal pipe components

Fast Clamp

Created for landfill gas and leachate collection systems, ISCO’s patented Flange Clamp delivers for routine maintenance of landfill pipe systems.

  • Minimal hardware, tight seal
  • On-site retrofitting
  • Seals for compliance and reduces hardware loss
  • Quick convenient access to pipe components

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