Optimizing Water Resource Management with Spirolite Open Profile Pipe

Enhancing Water Delivery Efficiency with 54” & 60” Class 63 Open Profile Pipe Installation

Project Description and Location

54” & 60” Class 63 Open Profile Pipe and Fittings in Orchard City, Colorado

Project Scope

The project was focused on Hydraulic difference 54” vs 60”, it was possible to provide a smaller diameter with the same flow needs as a larger diameter. The 2 size pipes offered allowed deliveries with nested pipe, reducing considerable the freight to the jobsite. In addition the delivery offered adjusted to the installation deadline.

The pipe installation to Innovate reservoirs and dug canals created in the past to deliver water to the land of farmers will benefit them by having more effective means to collect the water without evaporating.

Farmers focused on save water together with the demands for water conservation in recent years from state authorities have helped to put this project on the ground for a better management of natural resources.


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