Role of HDPE Piping in Supporting Life at the Frost Museum of Science

HDPE piping plays part in supporting aquatic life at the Frost Museum of Science in Miami, Florida.


State-of-the-Art Museum
The Frost Museum of Science is rebuilding at a new location on Miami’s stunning waterfront. The main feature of the museum is a 500,000 gallon, two-story cone aquarium suspended by concrete arms. It’s open to the sky and set perfectly for viewing from above and below. The aquarium will be home to sharks and barracuda, among other sea creatures that need saltwater to survive.

Supporting Life
Skanska USA Building, Inc was the project’s general contractor. ISCO Industries sales rep Bryan Fletcher worked with them to develop a plan to use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for the most crucial system supporting the aquarium. “This is a project unlike any I’ve done before,” said Fletcher. “But, HDPE is so well qualified to meet the needs of this system. It will last for decades and keep the museum from having to battle leaks.” The contractor tapped ISCO Industries to provide corrosion-resistant 12 to 18-inch HDPE pipe to act as a “life support” system for the aquarium. The HDPE transports saltwater from Biscayne Bay to the museum and connecting to the cone to keep the star attractions alive.

Durability in Demand

This is a very rare project that demonstrates the versatility of HDPE. The pipe’s corrosion-resistance and durability make it an ideal material for this build’s unique requirements.

ISCO was able to provide everything from producing spools in their plants and shipping them to meet critical deadlines, to performing fusion welds 40 feet in the air. When there was an issue, ISCO provided a customized solution to meet the needs of the construction design.

The uses for HDPE are growing every day. This project perfectly encapsulates the material’s leak-free and aesthetically appealing quality, the two primary customer requirements. It puts HDPE on display in an environment that will be visited by millions of people every years.

ISCO Industries consistently works to advance the way HDPE pipe can be used. It is innovative projects like this one that show the world how limitless a product HDPE is. Failure is not an option in designing and constructing a $325 million project. With everything on the line, the customer chose to depend on HDPE.

Lives will be dependent on this piping system to remain solid, leak-free, and corrosion resistant while pulling sustaining water from a natural resource to the aquarium. It provides the solid base upon which millions of children will be able to see nature’s wonders and learn life-long lessons.


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