Sliplining with HDPE Pipe: A Cost-Effective Solution for Reclaimed Water Delivery in Bell County, Texas

Bell County Water Control and Improvement District used sliplining with HDPE pipe to deliver reclaimed water to City of Killeen's Stonetree Golf Course.


Reclaimed Water: A Growing Trend

Using reclaimed water is a growing trend for municipalities across the country facing unrelenting demands on their water systems. In Bell County, Texas the idea cropped up as far back as 2009 for one particular project. The Bell County Water Control & Improvement District (the District) needed to install pumps, pipes, and a control system to deliver 1 million gallons of water per day to the City of Killeen Stonetree Golf Course about three miles from the wastewater treatment plant. Discussions at the time centered on the cost benefits and potential behind using an abandoned water line and existing easement. “The hope was the abandoned water line would be sufficiently water tight, allowing use as a direct conduit for reclaimed water,” explained Ricky Garrett, the deputy general manager for theDistrict.


Help for an Aging Pipeline

The existing 24-inch cast iron pipe was installed in the 1950s, but it had been abandoned for about a decade. After several attempts, the line continued to fail pressure tests, forcing the team to look at other options. The district worked with Brystar Contracting on the job. They suggested sliplining the existing pipe with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The sliplining method lowered costs versus new installation by decreasing the construction time frame and allowing continued use of an existing right-of-way.

Brystar worked with ISCO Industries to provide technical consulting on the construction methods and material selection. ISCO also provided turnkey fusion services on the job. In the end, 16-inch DIPS DR21 PE4710 purple strip HDPE pipe fused together with McElroy fusion equipment. A perfect solution. “Any time you can install more than 10,000 feet of 16-inch pipe within about a three week time frame, you’ve done something special,” said Garrett.

HDPE pipe will offer the owner a longterm, durable, leak-free solution. The sliplining method saved time and money. “A lot of circumstances came together for the sliplining to work well, including an experienced contractor, sufficient working easement, about 10,000 feet of fairly straight transmission main with no fittings to maneuver around, and accommodating weather,” said Garrett. “I expect we’ll be adding to this system in the near future.”


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