Highland 1600 Large Diameter Processor

$ 3,000.00

Condition: Used
Serial #: M30003
Model Year: 2014
Prelude #: 79106001
Location: Huntsville, AL

This equipment is designed to weld constant voltage electrofusion fittings suitable for low, medium and high-pressure PE or PP pipe work systems from 16mm to 1600mm diameter (1/2” to 63”).
The welding output of this equipment is a controlled voltage between 8V and 48V.
It can weld fittings in Manual mode and Bar Code automatic mode, and has a data log memory of more than 2048 welds that can be downloaded using USB memory.
Leads have dual-sized welding tips for fusing both 4.7mm and 4.0mm product, No More Adapters!

Accessories Included:
Shipping case

Additional Notes:
Will calibrate upon sale

30 Days