McElroy QuickCamp System


Condition: New
Model Year:
Serial #: C63690

If you’re interested in purchasing equipment please contact your local sales person, call 1-800-345-4726 or contact Mike Montgomery.

Shelter folds into standard ISO, 20ft cargo container for shipping
Folded shelter contains fusion machine carriage
Ample space for an office, breakroom or storage of extra gear
Electrical outlets to power personal equipment
Hydraulic Power Unit powers fusion carriage with customer-furnished generator
Patent-pending, one-size-fits-all pipe seals keep the elements out
Included heating and air-conditioning units fit into fold-out shelves
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Can provide as is or with new or used 24″ or 36″ jawset.
Can provide a generator.
**Additional accessories available upon request.

ISCO’s Service + 30 – 60 Day Warranty

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