McElroy Rolling 1236 Fusion Machine

$ 51,931.00

Condition: Certified Used
Serial #: C10523
Model Year: 2005
Prelude #: 78123600U
Location: Edmonton, Canada

High Force Cylinders
Fuses Pipe Between 12″ and 36″
New Pipe Lift Valve
1 New Heater Insulating Panel
Good Used Butt Plates (like new)
Good Used Facer Blades (like New)
2014.8 Hours on Motor

Accessories Included:
Lifting Harness

Warranty Information:
Certified Used equipment meets the same stringent inspection standards required by the manufacturer. At no charge, we will take back the equipment if the Customer is not satisfied within the lesser of 160 hours of metered operation or one calendar month. The customer is responsible for returning any equipment to ISCO at Customer’s expense.