Mustang DBML-80 Squeeze Tool


Mustang DBML-80 Squeeze Tool
Prelude#: 79890618
Condition: Used
Serial#: SQH6811
Mustang DBML-80 Squeeze Tool
Pipe sizes 6″ IPS and 8″ IPS
The Mustang DBML-80 Medium-Duty Hydraulic Squeeze
Tool is similar to the DBGA-80 Mechanical Tool with the
exception that it is hydraulically operated.
A Mustang manufactured, double-acting, large-bore
hydraulic cylinder mounts to the tubular frame, providing
41,000 lbs of centralized force to PE pipe up to 8” IPS.
A pair of SC-80 Saddle Clamps mechanically lock the
upper and lower jaws and assist in completing the squeeze off
procedure. The cylinder is hydraulically locked with a
Mustang pilot operated locking valve for complete safety.

Accessories Included: Black shipping case
Other notes: Two available if wanting to buy in pairs