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From HDPE pipe systems and fittings to fusion and fabrication, equipment and training.

Need something? We can help. Whatever your project, size or location, our expert piping services can help you do your best work. ISCO has world-class technology and services customized for every project and goal. Choose from options that let you do it yourself to complete on-site technical support from the largest network in the piping industry. You've got this. We've got your back. Let's get it done together.


ISCO has been a world leader in custom HDPE fabrication for many years. A combination of skilled, tenured and dedicated fabricators, and a reinvestment program in machinery and equipment give us capabilities that cannot be replicated.

Perforating and slotting capabilities are completely automated. Our HDPE sheet stock welder enables us to make tanks of various diameters. Over the years we have added many machines, such as a tee/wye machine, specialty saws and a pipe "ovaling" machine to name a few, that only increase our efficiency and piping service offerings to you, the customer.

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Thanks to a combination of skilled, tenured McElroy master mechanics and a dedicated reinvestment program in machinery we are able to provide fully serviced, certified, and rebuilt fusion machines to our customers and partners. With new machines posted regularly, and many more currently being prepared for reuse, keep an eye on the used fusion machine page linked below or contact our sales team to see what equipment to learn more.


Having the right equipment for the job is just as important as having the right pipe, fittings and fabrications. That's why ISCO offers the industry's largest selection of HDPE fusion equipment available from the best manufacturers - for purchase or rental. ISCO Industries is also part of McElroy's Certified Rental Program.

Repair and PHMSA Requirement Assistance

McElroy Master Mechanics in multiple McElroy Authorized Service and Repair Centers positioned across North America are available resources to you. No job is too small or too big, from equipment inspections to service to repairs to complete rebuild and refurbishments, this team is just one call away.


ISCO Industries is the largest high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe distributor in North America. We can serve your HDPE pipe and fittings needs anywhere in the U.S. and internationally.

HDPE pipe is ideal for many different applications including municipal, industrial, energy, geothermal, landfill and more. HDPE pipe is strong, durable, flexible and light weight. When fused together, HDPE has a zero leak rate because the fusion process creates a monolithic HDPE system. HDPE pipe is also a more environmentally sustainable option as it is non-toxic, corrosion and chemical resistant, has a long design life, and is ideal for trenchless installation methods because of its flexibility.


HDPE stands up against harsh chemicals. It’s proven to be corrosion-resistant and the ability to thermally fuse the pipe secures a zero-leakage rate that can be maintained with relative ease. HDPE pipe requires no cathodic protection, internal linings or external wraps and can be expected to significantly outlast other piping materials in critical industrial applications.


ISCO Industries offers a complete line of large diameter pipe, fittings and structures. ISCO's large diameter products offer all of the benefits of HDPE that have made traditional solid wall pipe the industry standard for critical applications with less weight, larger sizes and more options. From solid HDPE to profile wall HDPE to steel and fiberglass reinforced HDPE, ISCO offers these products based on the reputation of the manufacturers, the quality of their products and the needs of the marketplace. ISCO also offers pipe, fittings and HDPE structures such as manholes, tanks and vaults with diameters up to 132" and various pressure ratings.


From molded HDPE to custom fabricated HDPE to mechanical fittings, ISCO has all of the products needed for your project.  ISCO manufactures many of the fittings they offer from building their own "Tees," "Wyes" and "Elbows," just to name a few. ISCO only sells quality couplings and related products.

In situations requiring HDPE connections to other materials, there are many mechanical "couplings" available, some of which also connect HDPE to HDPE pipe. Care must be taken in selecting mechanical couplings that work well with HDPE pipes in each application.  Pipe size, pressure, temperature, and type of mating material influence the mechanical fitting selection. Also, the requirements of a buried system are different from those of above-ground piping systems.

For a more extensive list of the related piping services, products, and custom fabrication ISCO offers, please visit our Product Catalog.


Are your culverts in need of repair or replacement? Culvert damage and aging isn't something we look for every day. It's usually out of sight and, unfortunately, out of mind. Deteriorating culverts come quickly to mind when roadway damage caused by corroded, rusted and washed-out culverts occurs. Traditional culvert replacement methods are an expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive process.

Your solution: Snap-Tite Culvert Lining pipe.


Our bottle-tight HDPE systems eliminate concerns about infiltration and inflow (I & I). With our unique position as distributor for multiple high-quality manufacturers, ISCO is able to advise and assist our customers with design of waste water transmission and treatment projects utilizing the best products to meet each customer's needs.

Find the ISCO location in your area and one of our team members can work with you on building the right solution.