HDPE Pipe Fusion Services

Fusion expertise with precision techniques: butt fusion, electrofusion, socket fusion, and saddle fusion.

ISCO brings decades of experience and unmatched expertise to the realm of HDPE pipe fusion services and solutions. From butt fusion, to electrofusion, and flexible socket fusion to the transformative art of extrusion welding, our mastery ensures that your HDPE connections stand the test of time.

With a commitment to excellence, innovative equipment, in-house capability, and a team of certified technicians, we empower your pipeline projects with the highest standards of quality, performance, and durability.

Butt Fusion: Seamless Strength

Butt fusion joins two HDPE pipes end-to-end with remarkable strength. Our certified technicians heat and melt the pipe ends, then press them together to create a continuous, leak-free joint.

The preferred joining method for HDPE pipe — “butt fusion” — is an integral part of the HDPE system and largely responsible for its success. When fused correctly, HDPE joints are 100 percent leak free and as strong as or stronger than the pipe itself — a claim many legacy pipe materials can't make.

ISCO is the largest distributor of McElroy fusion machines and equipment for sale or rent. Our fusion machines fuse from ½” to 78” HDPE pipe and readily available.

Butt Fusion

Electrofusion: Precision Perfected

For intricate joint configurations, look no further than electrofusion. This method involves using specially designed fittings with built-in heating elements. As the elements heat and melt the polyethylene material, the fitting and pipe fuse together seamlessly. Electrofusion offers unparalleled quality fusions making it an excellent choice for many installations.

Electrofusion offers a broad spectrum of couplings, catering to various sizes. Further expanding the capabilities are self-tapping tees, branch saddles, and high-volume tapping tees within the electrofusion fittings lineup.

Socket Fusion: Small Diameter Excellence

In situations where flexibility takes precedence, socket fusion steps in. This method heats the pipe's exterior and the socket's end. Once both components reach optimal temperature, the socket is inserted into the pipe. As the assembly cools down, a secure connection forms, ensuring sealing.

Socket fusion is the go-to solution for smaller diameter pipes and fittings. Socket fusion is quick, efficient, and results in joints that are both strong and resistant to leaks.

Socket Fusion

Extrusion Welding

Extrusion welding is a robust technique for bonding HDPE pipe sections. This method creates a molecular bond by extruding molten polyethylene onto the prepared surface, ensuring unmatched integrity and strength in your HDPE connections.

Elevate your HDPE connections with this proven approach, ensuring longevity and reliability for a wide range of applications, from industrial projects to infrastructure endeavors.