Snap-Tite: Lower-Cost, Higher-Performance Culvert Rehab.

A no-dig solution to rehabilitate failing culverts designed for ease, lower cost and improved performance. Delivered — and supported — by the industry’s most experienced slip-liner team.

If you operate with culverts, chances are that your system is failing somewhere. Corrosion, cracking or joint separation are natural, inevitable conditions common among older corrugated metal and reinforced concrete pipes. The result is soil erosion that can seriously compromise the safety of stormwater drainage, roadways, levees, and rail lines.

Budget, time, and personnel constraints limit the options decision-makers have to address the problem. Snap-Tite and Spirolite from ISCO have the culvert rehab solution: cost-effective, purpose-engineered HDPE slip liner products and expertise.

workers installing pipe

Lower cost. Less disruption.

Snap-Tite’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) culvert liner system eliminates the need to excavate and replace old piping and roadway surfaces, saving major costs and minimizing the traffic/service disruption of traditional culvert rehab methods.

HDPE pipe

Longer lasting. Better performing.

HDPE is corrosion and abrasion resistant, with a 100-year service life and smooth interior walls that actually improve flow over original structures.

A complete solution.

Available in a wide variety of sizes with interlocking watertight joints. Cementitious grout fills any voids between the roadway and culvert, addressing both the cause and effect of culvert failure.

The slip-liner experts.

With 30-plus years of experience and thousands of culvert rehab projects completed, ISCO can provide inspection and assessment services to help determine the best approach to your project.

Application versatility and experience

A quick and cost-effective no-dig solution to addressing cracking or corroding culverts under America’s roadways.

A highly effective, easy-install approach enabling culvert rehab while maintaining levee or floodwall integrity.

A permanent, lower-cost alternative to traditional solutions that can be installed without disrupting rail traffic.