HDPE Manholes: Spirolite® Lightweight Durability and Versatility.

Custom-designed and -configured HDPE manholes offer all the benefits of Spirolite pipes — lightweight strength and durability, versatility and long life — for a complete, cost-effective solution.

HDPE performance applied to manholes.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) offers a number of significant advantages over traditional materials in manhole applications. Its light weight makes it easier to handle and install. Its natural resistance to corrosion, impact and abrasion contributes to extreme durability and long service life. The Spirolite team can design and fabricate HDPE manholes to meet virtually any need across a wide range of applications.

Municipal applications

Highly resistant to hydrogen sulfide and sewer gases, Spirolite fabrications are extremely well suited to sewer system applications. Welded construction prevents infiltration and exfiltration, reducing treatment costs and soil contamination risk. One-piece design with built-in features offers quick, trouble-free installation. Field-adjustable flat tops and stub-out closure joints make it easy to meet stationing and grade requirements.

  • Sanitary sewer manholes
  • Storm drains
  • Drop manholes
  • Manhole tees
  • Custom HDPE fittings
  • Liners for rehabilitation
  • Pump stations
  • Diversion and junction structures
industrial applications

Industrial applications

Manage process water and plant effluent lines with confidence using Spirolite HDPE manholes, tanks and structures. We manufacture all Spirolite fabrications in-house to your exact specifications using high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials to provide superior product performance and service life.

  • Monitoring manholes
  • Cleanout manholes
  • Custom HDPE fittings
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Sumps and wet wells
  • Dual-containment structures
  • Gas condensate manholes
  • Access and valve structures
landfill applications

Landfill applications

Manholes manufactured from HDPE meet the industry standard for cell liners and leachate collection piping, providing seamless compatibility from leachate collection to treatment. We manufacture all Spirolite HDPE landfill manholes, structures and tanks for collection, transport and storage of leachate and methane gas to meet your specific system requirements.

  • Single- and dual-containment leachate collection manholes
  • Single-wall leachate collection/containment tanks
  • Sumps and pump stations
  • Custom HDPE fittings
  • Gas collection/condensate manholes
  • Wet wells/catch basins
  • Collection/containment tanks