Ask your ISCO sales person about the new McElroy Optimized Cooling ™

Reduce wait. Increase productivity.

During the fusion process, the most significant amount of time for each joint is attributed to cooling procedures. Waiting to meet the times outlined in ASTM standards decreases overall Jobsite productivity. The most effective way to optimize the fusion process is to reduce that cool time.

McElroy's Optimized Cooling algorithm relies on the DataLogger® 6 to calculate, in realtime, the most appropriate cool times based on material properties, environmental conditions, and heat soak time. A patent-pending formula determines the appropriate amount of time it takes to cool the center of the pipe — making it safe for handling so you can move on to the next joint.

McElroy Optimized Cooling™ is F2620 compliant

McElroy has partnered with the University of Tulsa to conduct testing and analysis of hundreds of fusion joints. Through analysis of thousands of data points and modeling of computational fluid dynamics to understand pipe core temperatures, we are confident McElroy Optimized Cooling is in compliance with ASTM F2620-19, Note 10. Through that testing, McElroy developed an algorithm to reliably predict the time required to cool the center of the pipe wall with an expected joint strength at that time and temperature making it safe for handling.

To learn more about McElroy’s Optimized Cooling™ please contact your local ISCO sales person or call 800-345-4726.

Fusion Equipment Training

ISCO also provides experienced, factory-trained fusion technicians to accompany any purchased or leased machine for on-site training.

Whatever training you need, ISCO can offer it. Whether it’s extensive hands-on, complex procedures or a refresher course on machines you and your crew use every day, we have you covered.  ISCO can train operators on the latest advancements and proper fusion techniques through our ‘Train the Trainers’ Certification program. Job site training is available by Field Fusion Technicians who are experienced and factory-qualified, holding McElroy fusion training certifications. Most Technicians hold additional certification, including:

  • OSHA 40-hour hazwoper
  • OSHA construction 10-hour safety training
  • OSHA confined space
  • MSHA part 46/part 48
  • Red Cross first aid/CPR certifications
ISCO training professionals on piping best practices and techniques

To learn more about our training programs please contact your local ISCO salesperson or call 800-345-4726.